Following an internal compliance audit of our CPE award and record keeping processes for both the NASBA and State of TX sponsor numbers, our procedures for you to award CPE at your meetings have changed.

If you want to provide CPE for non-COPAS Energy Education presentations, you must follow these new procedures. Please download all the provided documentation, including the full instructions sheet and samples of completed forms, and watch the video provided about how to follow the CPE award procedures. 

What Is This For?

You should use this procedure if you intend to award CPE credits using the COPAS sponsor numbers for any presentation at a meeting or event that you did not directly obtain form COPAS Energy Education.


You must notify the COPAS office at least one week ahead of advertising any event at which you will offer CPE to be awarded under the COPAS sponsor numbers.

Notification Form

Please download the notification form, complete it and email to as soon as you know about an event for which you want to award CPE. 

On the notifcation form, you will provide the location address, the date and time of the event, and the cost of the registration.

The name of the presenter, and the title of presentation for which the CPE will be awarded must be included on the form, along with the date the presentation content was developed, and the name of the developer if different from the presenter.

You should provide a short description of the presentation content, the learning objectives, the length of the presentation, the suggested NASBA field of study (please refer to the provided NASBA document for this), and the suggested course level. NASBA requires that the program level be appropriate for the intended audience, and that all programs designated at the intermediate or advanced levels also have stated pre-requisites. You should include pre-requisites on the notification form if selecting intermediate or advanced as the program level.


On the notification form you will provide the name and contact details of the person who will be the designated responsible administrator for the CPE. See CPE Event Administrator Duties.

Event Information

In addition to the notification form you must provide the following:

  • A copy of your intended advertising material (see Advertising A CPE Event) 
  • A copy of the presentation (full requirements regarding educational materials are in the instructions sheet)
  • A copy of any student materials/handouts
  • Presenter bio or resume (full requirements concerning presenters are in the instructions sheet)
  • Author bio or resume (if different from presenter)

Approval and CPE Packet

When we receive your notification form and additional required items, we will review all provided items and assign class numbers to your presentations. The administrator will receive instructions via email, and upon approval will receive a CPE Packet. The CPE packet will contain the following items (please click on each item to see samples):

Return Documents

Following the class, the administrator must send the completed return documents packet either by email to , or by mail to the attention of Vanessa deSoto at COPAS, 445 Union Blvd. #207, Lakewood, CO 80228. You will find a sample return documents packet here


Please direct all your questions, concerns, problems, or comments to Angie Knipe via email at , or call 303-300-1139.


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